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The Ci3 Game Changer Chicago Design Lab

Hexacago Smoke Stacks

Founded by Drs. Melissa Gilliam (OB/GYN) and Patrick Jagoda (English, New Media Studies), the Ci3 Game Changer Chicago Design Lab uses games as a vehicle to improve young people’s health and well-being. We also use games to encourage young people to enter STEM and health careers, and to educate young people  about  critical  social  issues.  Each game-based intervention is created using the principles of human-centered design through collaboration with adolescents in the design process. Our interventions include a variety of games and interactive media that address topics such as teen pregnancy, STI prevention, public health, epidemiology, smoking prevention and more. Our suite of interventions are delivered in the following modes: board games, card games, computer games, alternate reality games, and interactive apps.

Above: ©2019. Ci3 at the University of Chicago.

Top: Wireframe image of the tessellated 3D digital model of the South Cave, Northern Xiangtangshan. Xiangtangshan Caves Project, Center for the Art of East Asia, Department of Art History.