Digital Humanities

Digital Media Archive

The Digital Media Archive at the University of Chicago holds some 2,100 language collections across 270 languages. This digital resource makes many of our collections freely available for research use, and tracks many others that can be made available for use by arrangement.

It retains from the former Language Laboratories and Archives the portion of its space dedicated to archiving and media processing/preservation along with much of the LLA’s audio, video, motion picture and computer equipment. In addition, this space now houses all of the LLA’s extensive collection of texts and mechanically recorded materials on such media as Edison-type cylinders, audio tapes, phonograph records, videotapes and motion-picture films.

Top: Wireframe image of the tessellated 3D digital model of the South Cave, Northern Xiangtangshan. Xiangtangshan Caves Project, Center for the Art of East Asia, Department of Art History.