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This website maps the rise of the printing press across South Asia, from the establishment of the first movable type press in 1556 until the year 1900. Illustrating the impact of global technology transfer, chapakhana offers users the opportunity to visualize the extent of printing activity in the Indian subcontinent up until the end of the nineteenth century and to identify when printing first came to a particular location. In giving the names of early printing presses, along with their proprietors, printers, and editors, the website aims to make visible the many known and unknown pioneers of print in the Indian subcontinent. Taken together, the maps and additional materials on the website provide an extraordinary window into the vibrant world of printing in South Asia.

Top: Wireframe image of the tessellated 3D digital model of the South Cave, Northern Xiangtangshan. Xiangtangshan Caves Project, Center for the Art of East Asia, Department of Art History.