Digital Humanities


Center for Digital Scholarship

The Center for Digital Scholarship (CDS) helps faculty and students explore new methodologies, analyze complex data, and visualize theoretical and spatial relationships, and share and preserve their research results. It provides guidance on responsible research methods by offering workshops in data management, data reproducibility, and data licensing.

The Center additionally manages Knowledge@UChicago, the University’s open access institutional repository. Researchers can preserve and share their work and data by uploading to the repository.

Heading photo: Digital reconstruction of “Raided Village” mural, Temple of the Warriors, Chichen Itza, by Magdalena Glotzer, AB ’19 (2019), based on a 1931 reconstruction by Ann Axtel Morris and diagrams from Morris, Earl Halstead. The Temple of the warriors at Chichen Itzá, Yucatan. Washington: Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1931.