Data Visualization Strategies and Digital Cartography (D3)

This workshop provides a theoretical and practical introduction to data visualization strategies based on the Data Driven Document (D3) platform (see the Gallery for sample projects). We will discuss best practices for graphic presentation of data in general, and then evaluate the capabilities of this new toolkit as we review the wide variety of data visualizations it makes possible, from simple graphs and charts to three-dimensional data projections and digital cartography.

Image Analysis in Python

This workshop will cover fundamental techniques of image and video processing, including filtering, segmentation, interest point detection, template matching, and object tracking. The Python image processing libraries OpenCV and skimage will be introduced, but the emphasis will be on language-agnostic concepts. Several real-world examples and hands-on exercises will demonstrate how these techniques can be assembled into a pipeline to allow researchers to address scientific questions. This is an introductory level workshop.

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